Erotic Photography Is Not A Social Anathema Any More

Nudeness, sex and eroticism are some of the words which the society is shy of but which are nevertheless liked, read, watched and appreciated by it, covertly or overtly. Art and nudism, sexism or eroticism have been going together since ages. The artists perception of these has been depicted in various forms, be it the sculptures, paintings or even the art photography. The sex or the libido is not the thing to be done exclusive for reproduction purposes. There is a lot of divine pleasure to be derived. Indulgence in sex is not a matter of feeling guilty but of taking it as a part of many gifts that God has given us. There is a lot of physical, mental and medical goodness and health associated with it.

For this matter, the propagation of the nudism or eroticism in the form of art is more a depiction of the feelings and features. The emergence of nude photography or erotic photography in the modern society is more acceptable today than it was anytime before. The shedding away of conservatism is due to the recognition among the people that sex or eroticism is not something to be feel guilty about. Rather, it can be a matter of pride for the posers and a provider of relief and sensual pleasure to the others. Not to forget the photographer, this provides him the time to capture not just the beauty of a women’s body but also the various states, feelings and gestures associated with the eroticism.

In what way is nude photography different from the other art forms such as sculpting or painting. The first and most reason is that it is the real person, in actual body proportions, sentiments and feeling that is captured on the film. Therefore, the extent of involvement with the real being is far greater. The sexy girls pictures are of the real actual beings and one can get to see the same in exact same way, without any distortions which might come up in the other forms of depictions such as paintings.

While the other forms are also coexisting along with the erotic photography, there is a larger draw of crowds on photographic forms. There are many reasons for this trend. The emergence of the new electronic media in the form of internet which is used extensively by the people for numerous reasons is one of the main reasons to give erotic photography a large draw on number of visitors. With societies becoming more open and liberal and conservatism being increasingly marginalised, the fillip to erotic photography is also provided by the growth of the number of adult magazines in the print media.

Acceptance of nude photography as a crucial stepping stone in the way of career, whether it is the model or the photographer, has grown. These assignments are getting lesser objections and increased acceptance. The commercial side of this art has assumed tremendous importance and there is a growing competition among the providers in this field.

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